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EXCETRA HUB TECHNOLOGY is the brain behind speed limiter Nigeria and has been leading the telemetry industry since 2012. It will be our pleasure if you can give us a little of your time to show you how our offer can meet your needs.

Fleet management is Nigeria is no longer new and as the name implies, it is a solution for companies or agency with numerous cars.

With this solution, you get the ability to track and monitor all your vehicles from one App or application. Every thing you need to manage your vehicle's activities can be found on the app.

You no longer have to worry about the safety of your vehicles as you can demobilize any vehicle anytime, from any location across the world.

The solution we offer is so robust and affordable. Any budget can easily fit in. You will be amazed that among the list of fleet management companies in Lagos or in Nigeria, we were ranked #1 by the most recognized Tech Blog in Nigeria - Nigerianfinder.com.

Over the years of our existence, we 've been opportune to serve clients in various industries, ranging from establishments in haulage and logistics, to manufacturing and to service oriented outfits. 

Our advantage has always been in our pocket friendly pricing. We understand every client is different and that's why we've worked out flexible pricing option that suits every budget.

 Our system is built to improve your fleet's efficiency and also curtail the tendency of misuse of loosing your fleet assets.

This is made possible by our telematics monitoring system in conjunction with our turnkey Enterprise Fleet management software.  Our devices are fail proof and a certified ISO 30001 product.

Our urge to be the best fleet management company in Lagos and the entire Nigeria made us to invest immensely to develop a 100% native Nigerian Vehicle Tracking application that is capable of managing fuel consumption and also vehicle's activities.

Our App is used by over 100 fleet management companies in lagos just because of its' robust functionally and the cost of deployment. Our system comes dully customized or branded according to your requirement.

In summary, Our Fleet software is designed to achieve the following Goals:

  • Provide automation for pool vehicle allocation to staff, and other fleet management unit processes.
  • Increase in vehicle lifespan through efficient usage and monitoring of the asset, thus reducing the capital expenditure on purchase of new vehicles.
  • Assessment of drivers to achieve better fleet efficiency and minimize operational and repair costs.
  • Optimal utilization of the fleet through accurate routine maintenance and driver allocation.
  • Full vehicle monitoring option and related services to prevent misuse and or theft.

Now, you see want you will be missing if you don't signup with us today. However, we appreciate the unique needs that drive each organization to the purchase of a fleet management solution in Nigeria, and thus we provide the solutions, services, and a seasoned team, capable of integrating these unique needs into our Fleet Management System.

Implementing our solution will afford your fleet team or department a better control over monitoring you fleet of vehicles, notwithstanding the quantity. Our system can comfortably manage a fleet of 15,000 vehicles from on account. 

We will be super excited to show you a demonstration if you are in any way in doubts of our declaration.  



Let us help you increase productivity for your business. We understand that as a business owner, you don’t have enough time every day to get everything done. Let us help make your job easier and more productive with our fleet tracking provision.

Every thing that you will need to get accurate reports and control are already in place. You can generate reports with ease. We even have mobile apps, both available in the 2 most popular phone's operating system - Android and IOS(for iPhone Users).

With us, You can track your car while you are on the move, using any internet connected gadget (Your Phone, Tablet, Laptop etc).  We have revolutionized the way Car Tracking in Nigeria is suppose to run. You no longer pay for garbage offers. If competitors can't provide working models, honestly they should pack up!

Below is a few of the many features you will get with us:  

  • Always know your vehicle's  real time position, no more wasting of airtime or recharge card on calling your drivers
  • Be more productive in delivering your product and services due to improved dispatching
  • Reduce human error with automated time sheets
  • Get reports emailed daily or weekly automatically
  • Use fleet tracking to maximize fleet efficiency and increase productivity throughout the day
  • Set Virtual Boundaries for your fleet(GEOFENCE)
  • Generate Fleet Travel History
  • Real-time tracking of vehicle location
  • Vehicle Speed Control
  • Distance traveled
  • Route optimization
  • Manage Areas and Geo-routes to avoid fraud on your drivers
  • Identification of the driver, the vehicle and their trailers
  • Driver's behavior monitoring
  • Telematics analytics to improve fleet safety

The above is just a few you will get when you subscribe with us. We will like to hear from you. Feel free to contact through the the contact Box below this page or via our contact us page. Our lines are open 24/7. We will be excited to be your new Fleet Manager. 



We are not a 50 year old multi million Naira company. We are just a team of dedicated telemetry experts with passion to rejuvenate the telemetry industry in Nigeria, See below Testimonials of some of our Happy Customers


“I can’t believe it took us less than 2 weeks to install 300 Trucks. Thanks for putting together this great team of yours.”

Mr. Deji Adeleke, Cormart Nigeria

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