FRSC arrest 2800 Speed Limiters Defaulters in 3days


The Federal Road safety has already jump into action since its implementation of the mandatory use of speed limiters for commercial cars on Nigerian Roads. As true to their threat to penalize vehicles with out the speed limiters device installed; over 2800 vehicles has been penalized by the commission in just 2days Many had thought […]

1st October 2016, FRSC tells NUTRW no going back

The Federal Road safety commission is resolute in implementing the Speed limiter scheme on the 1st of October,2016, despite pleas from NUTRW to extend the date, to allow her member ample time to save up money to install the speed governor device. FRSC insisted that there is no going back as they had earlier postponed the implementation date […]

NURTW Pledges Compliance To Use Speed Limiters Bayelsa

More organizations are supporting the FRSC ‘s Speed Limiter Scheme, the latest is the National Union of Road transport Workers, Bayelsa State Branch. They publicly showed their support to the speed limiter schema by urging all their members to adopt and support the drive from The Federal Road Safety commission. They Pledge to ensure all […]

FRSC Officers Trains Drivers on Speed Limiters in Delta State

The Federal Road safety commission is not relenting in its drive to implement the FRSC Speed Limiter scheme. Over the week in Delta state, some FRSC officers took over the streets to educate drivers on the importance of having a speed governor installed in their vehicle. The Federal Road safety commission ‘s deposition to implement […]