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We are an all in one Vehicular security enterprise with cutting edge technologies to meet every budget. Our services is not limited to speed limiters installation alone as we have streamline expertise in other telematic and monitoring solutions as listed below.

Speed Limiters

A speed Limiter is a must for any business seeking to tame their driver’s speed. You can never be more sure of your driver’s speed sanity with a speed governor installed. Eliminate the possibility of an accident

Fleet Management

How better would you like to manage and monitor your fleet? Our intuitive comes handy when you want to have total control on where and how your vehicle is driven to. With our solution, You totally in charge. With over 30 different Reports at your disposal, What else can you ask for?

Car Tracking

A GPS tracker is all you need to monitor and recover your car in case of theft. A Vehicle Tracker can stop, Start and Show you where your car is. Our solution can even show you history of your vehicle’s movement.

You are heartily welcome to our website. It is our utmost pleasure to have you. We are a reputable company that installs and sells speed limit device to both private and corporate organizations across Nigeria and we are happy to inform you that you will surely get the ultimate value for your money when you use our services.

Speed Limiter Nigeria Company is a Nigeria leading installer of Frsc Approved Speed limiters in Nigeria. We are a subsidiary of Excetra Hub Technology; an indigenoues security and surveillance company with prowess in Car Parking Management system, Vehicle Tracking & Surveillance, Installation of anti shatter glass protection films, Fleet Management etc.

We are proud to be among the few accredited speed limiter installers in Nigeria and due to the recent mandate that all commercial vehicles should have a vehicle speed governor installed or face been penalized by the Federal Road safety commission who is the leading federal government agency in ensuring the safety of drivers on Nigerian Roads; Speed Limiter Nigeria company has invested heavily in manpower and turnkey devices to help companies that are seeking to install all types of speed limiters in their vehicles.

Only approved companies are given the privilege to sell and install vehicle speed governors in Nigeria And we are glad to inform you that our sister company is approved by FRSC. So if you are yet to setup your vehicles, this is the best time to install this devices as FRSC is head bent on implementing it. You can confirm this fact from the tweets below.

In lieu with FRSC rules and regulations, your vehicle must be installed with a speed limit device on or before October 1st, 2016. Installing a vehicle speed limit device to your car is something you will never regret doing. Among other things, it will ensure your safety and the safety of your vehicle.

While driving, your vehicle’s speed is not supposed to exceed the estimated road safety speed limit in Nigeria but most times when we drive, we become unconscious of these set rules. Of course we know it’s not your fault as it’s either you are in a hurry to meet up with an ap

pointment or you forgot totally due to your filled thoughts. The speed governors are here to keep you in-cognizance with the customary vehicle speed limit in Nigeria.

We market various types of speed limiters. There is a statutory requirement for every road. All our devices comes with frequency buzzer Alarm, which warns the driver when the speed is approaching the benchmark. So, with the vehicle speed limit alarm, you will surely know when you are about to exceed the recommended speed limit. This will help you to stay on track.

It is important to note that due to the series of accidents that usually occur on our roads on a daily basis, the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC came up with the law for Nigerian Road users. The law is basically requesting all commercial vehicles to get a Vehicle Speed governor Installed on or before October 1st, 2016. Thus, it is expected that every vehicle plying the Nigerian roads must comply with this road safety speed rule as clearly stated in Nigeria’s high way code of conduct.

This rule applies to all commercial vehicles including cars, buses, trucks etc. Drivers and transport companies that fail to comply with these rules will be severely penalized; their vehicles would be impounded and they will be subsequently prosecuted. It is because of this, that we are offering you our vehicle speed limit device at a friendly price.

Over-speeding has accounted for more than 40% of consistent road crashes in Nigeria, according to several FRSC publications. The best thing to do would be controlling your vehicle. speed-limiter-connected-to-the-engineThis will ensure greater safety and will minimize fleet operating costs. The more you over-speed, the greater the risk of getting involved in accidents. Our speed limit device for cars is sourced from reputable speed limiter manufacturers around the world. It is important to inform you that our speed limit devices:

•Doesn’t interfere with the engine power

•Doesn’t interfere with the your vehicle’s brain box

•Complies with vehicle speed limit in Nigeria.

• Meets FRSC rules and regulations, SON as well as Nigeria’s road traffic conditions.

We have been in the business for some years now, and we have served a wide range of clients overtime. Our previous clients are so happy about our services and they keep on recommending our services to their friends, family and colleagues.  We not only install vehicle speed governor, we also offer car tracking, consultancy and Training on Road safety and Fleet management, which we do at highly affordable rates.

Our Installers are highly trained and are always entwined with the best practices in the industry.  Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. So, feel free to send us an email right away, or call us. Once you send us an email or dial our digit, one of our friendly staff will answer all your queries and attend to them in a professional manner.  We know the job; we are professionals on everything concerning Road Safety and Security.  We are on a mission to reduce road crashes on Nigerian roads at least by 50%.

This is why we are promoting safety on our roads through the installation and marketing of these credible speed governor devices.  Road crashes are avoidable. Over the years, we have witnessed so many road crashes which may have claimed the lives of our loved ones, friends and family members. The best way to prevent it is by installing these speed limit devices, so that as a driver, you will know the required speed limit you should drive on a particular road and adhere to it strictly.

Installing speed limit device on your vehicle is one of the normal road safety rules, which includes you shouldn’t drink and drive, you should not over-speed, make sure you wear your helmets and belts anytime you are driving or you are inside a moving vehicle, do not eat or use phone while driving, and other traffic rules. All these rules are meant to safeguard your life and the lives of others.

You can learn more about our speed limit device rules by visiting our frequently asked questions page. Try all you can to get in touch with us, and you would be happy you did.  We deliver our services to the 36 states of the federation. Reducing the speed of your vehicle will achieve multiple dividends for your vehicle such as lowering your fuel consumption, minimize toxic emissions, reduces the stress of the driver, minimize your vehicle operating costs, minimizes getting involved in road traffic offenses, drastically reduces the risk of collision plus other speed-related accidents.

Furthermore, it will minimize the way you repair your brakes, tires and your engine. Thus, the advantage of maintaining the right speed for your vehicle can never be overemphasized. Our vehicle speed limiting device is exclusively designed for your own good. We value each and every one of our clients; we will do everything humanly possible to assist them in the best possible way. It is our pleasure to serve; we will never take it for granted.

A trial will surely convince you. We will be Glad to assist you to getting started. If You are in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Akwa Ibom, Delta or Abuja, Yenegoa, Feel free to call us. Our Annex offices are spread accross the Nation. So stop the search for speed limiter installation company and give us a call Today.  080 39 422 997 | 08037 459 093



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