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Speed Limiters Nigeria Company is also a forerunner car tracking company with history of deploying tracking services within and outside Nigeria for private and public organization.

With over the years in existence, we’ve proven to be the best car tracker company in Lagos state and the Entire Nigeria. We were able to achieve this feat by providing turnkey Gps Tracking services that no other vehicle tracking companies in Nigeria can boost of.

We are resolute to securing every Automobile in Nigeria. We believe every Car Owner should be confident of their vehicle’s safety even in the high prevalence of car theft.

Its our vision to be the most sort after Car Tracking company proferring the service of car tracking in Nigeria come 2020 and we intend to achieve this by putting into use the
best car tracker devices available in the market.

Car tracking system in Nigeria started over a decade ago and like mtn c-track Nigeria who were pioneers with the then mtn vehicle tracking; we were also among the few vehicle tracking companies in Lagos which services were solely to install car tracker in lagos for people seeking to secure their Vehicles.

We did this for a couple of years with no much interest from Nigerians due to the high setup price as clients were required to pay, monthly or yearly subscription. The Initial setup cost was usually N120,000(One hundred and Twenty Thousand naira) and the client will be required to pay a monthly maintenance fee of N20,000(Twenty thousand naira) or pay the equivalent annually.

This is was extremely a rip off and we weren’t ok with this billing. In-order to revolutionize the industry, we started the one time payment tracking plan which was widely accepted by everyone and today there more car tracking companies in Lagos offering the once-off payment plan.

As simple as that decision was, it turned the industry around and it gave Vehicles owners the urge to want to secure their prized assets.

Speed limiters Nigeria Company also offer fleet management services for companies with more than 5 cars. The Fleet management plans gives the benefit to Monitor all you cars under one platform. With this plan you will enjoy a lot of dividends as it helps monitor the entire activities of your vehicles

The features ranges from, Geofencing monitoring, fuel gauge monitoring, over speeding alerts, Mileage and much more. You can visit our fleet management page to learn more.


 Why We ‘re The Leading Car Tracking Company in Nigeria.

Our Car Tracking plans has been Designed to suit every budget, We believe the cheaper our plans are, the more sales we will get. So be rest assured that our prices are the best you can get in the market considering the quality of car tracking devices we use for our installations.

Basically, you can’t find our offer elsewhere. All our installations comes with the following:

1. 1 Year Warranty cover on The Device
Due to the quality of our devices, we are confident enough to issue 1year warranty on our devices. What this means is: After Installation, Within a period of 1year, If you detect any fault on our device, You get free replacement with a brand new device. You won’t find this anywhere.

2. No Monthly Payment, No Yearly Payment
We are the first to start the one off payment Plan. You don’t pay us another kobo after the 1st installation set up fee. You only once, no renewal, no subscription!

3. Free Installation at our Office or any location of your choice
We understand how busy you might be so don’t worry let us take the stress off you, We can come over to your location for the installation. You don’t have to stress yourself, but if you don’t mind then you can drive down to our office. The ball is in your court, which ever pleases you.

4. Free Lifetime support
Our Lines are open 24/7 everyday of the week. You can call in at anytime for support. We are here to serve, so feel free to use our customer care line as you wish.

5. Free Training
After The setup, We train our clients free of charge on how the system works. How you can monitor your car all by yourself. Its super easy. This is what other car tracking companies in Nigeria would not do. You contact them every time you want to track your vehicle’s location

6. Pay after service
We don’t get Paid until after we’ve successfully installed and tested the device on your car. So you can be rest assured that the Job was done properly and if otherwise, you reserve the right to refuse to pay. We accept payment in cash or Online Transfer directly to our corporate account.

Don’t Settle For Less

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“I can’t believe it took us less than 2 weeks to install 300 Trucks. Thanks for putting together this great team of yours.”

Mr. Deji Adeleke, Cormart Nigeria

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